SimFlex™ IEC 61850 SCL Checker


The SCL checker is a tool that checks SCL files for conformance with the IEC 61850 SCL schema (Edition 1 and Edition 2) and performs various tests on the contents of the SCL file.The SimFlex™ SCL Checker enables utilities, manufacturers, system integrators and conformance test laboratories to automatically verify SCL files.

The SimFlex™ SCL Checker comes with an extensive test suite that implements all IEC 61850 conformance test cases that can be individually selected and executed. The SCL Checker performs the tests automatically in a matter of seconds that could normally take hours of manual labor.
This makes the SimFlex™ SCL Checker an excellent software solution for the electrical power industry.
Key Features

The SimFlex™ SCL Checker is designed to be an easy to use tool for the verification of IEC 61850 SCL files. Key features of the SimFlex™ SCL Checker include:
  • Executes the UCA International Users Group test procedures based on IEC 61850-10
  • Verifies that the SCL files are well-formed and according to the schema defined in IEC 61850-6
  • Compares SCL contents and exposed data and services by IEDs
  • Verifies the presence and order of data according the IEC 61850-7-3/4
  • Graphical view of the SCL file and the IED data model
  • Logging of test progress and test results in human-readable text format
  • Automatic and repetitive verification of SCL files
  • Fast localization of SCL errors
  • Testing of remote IEDs over the Internet
The SimFlex™ SCL Checker has been designed to perform tests on IEC 61850 SCL files and server devices. The SCL checker has an easy to use interface that presents several views.

  • Fast and accurate automated verification of SCL files including data and Services of IEDs
  • Reduction of IEC 61850 design and configuration problems during product development, system integration, commissioning and FAT
  • Higher success rate in IEC 61850 device certification
  • Easy to learn user interface
  • Simple configuration

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