SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Protocol Analyzer

Verifying IEC 61850 communications is not an easy task if you are not familiar with the ISO 9506 (MMS) protocol. There are some free MMS ‘sniffers’ available on the Internet, however these tools require deep protocol knowledge and do not provide any semantic analysis.

The SimFlex Protocol Analyzer was designed to support the engineer in understanding the network communication by providing relevant information right where it belongs: directly on the screen. The Protocol Analyzer has built-in features that provide the right information for the IEC 61850 engineer without the hassle. This makes IEC 61850 more accessible to a larger group of end-users.
 The key features of the Protocol Analyzer include: 
  • Dual-interface capture capability
  • Clear overview of captured network packets on the main screen
  • Direct IEC 61850 and MMS information on the main screen
  • Deep protocol analysis; verify MMS, GOOSE and SAV communication on possible problems
  • Abstract Pattern Matching™ technology; verify captured network communication against reference captures
  • Easy filtering of MMS, GOOSE and SAV packets
  • Detailed Ethernet packet information by selecting any packet. Individual OSI layers can be selected for viewing only the information that is relevant
  • Advanced capture filters and capture stop conditions

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