SimFlex™ IEC 61850 HMI Simulator

The SimFlex™ IEC 61850 HMI Simulator is meant to simulate a subset of SCADA or HMI functions. These functions are, amongst others, connecting to IEDs that are defined in an SCD file, configure and enable report control blocks, enable GOOSE control blocks and perform control actions (SBOw, Direct operate) and the SimFlex™ HMI Simulator provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for monitoring and handling IEC61850 data from servers. Many of the features of the program are available through an intuitive tool bar.

  • The main benefits of using the SimFlex™ HMI Simulator are:
  • Clear overview on distinctive data in IEDs
  • Distinct representation of changing values
  • Display multiple IEDs simultaneously


The SimFlex™ HMI Simulator has a wide range of applications.
  • View data values from devices
  • Capture reports and monitor value changes
  • Send control requests on controllable objects
  • File transfer; download from and upload to devices

Key Features

The SimFlex™ HMI Simulator:
  • Is able to configure all report control blocks in any IED with the default values from the SCD file
  • Can enable all report control blocks in any IED
  • Is able to connect to at least 32 IEDs simultaneously
  • Is able to load JPG/PNG files with single line diagrams and show these graphics on the screen as a static picture
  • Is able to retrieve all LD, LN, DO and DA information from each IED in the tree-view and show the data model of each IED in a Windows tree-view
  • Can enable all GOOSE control blocks in any IED

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