SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Server Simulator

Currently we are developing a unique tool for the Power Industry.  

The SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Server Simulator!!   

The SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Server Simulator is an advanced IEC 61850 tool that enables system integrators, utilities and conformance test laboratories to simulate IEDs by loading an IEC 61850 SCL file into a PC application.

  • Fast creation of a virtual substation by loading an SCD file
  • Automated simulation of IED values
  • Short application setup time
  • Easy verification of SCADA/HMI functions against the virtual substation
  • Easy to learn graphical user interface
  • Simple configuration
  • Multiple instantiated IEDs per PC
The SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Server Simulator has a wide range of applications:
  • SCADA/HMI product development
  • Simulation tool during Factory Acceptance Testing
  • GOOSE publishing
  • Network traffic generation
  • Functional testing of IEC 61850 systems
  • Preparation for UCA© International Users Group based IED certification for Clients
Key Features
The SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Server Simulator is a versatile simulator:
  • Configuration based on standardized IEC 61850 SCL files
  • Simulation of values through an advanced function-generator
  • Simulation of control objects (e.g. circuit breaker)
  • Generation of signal-lists for SCADA systems
  • Network traffic is captured in PCAP format that can be read by other tools such as Wireshark
  • Advanced GOOSE engine for publishing GOOSE messages
  • Fully functional reporting engine (buffered and unbuffered reporting)

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