One of the pre-requisites for an IEC 61850 Conformance Test laboratory is a successful accreditation by the UCA® international users group.
In the past years GridClone has supported a few IEC 61850 Conformance Test Laboratories in the process of accreditation across the globe.
Accreditation support means checking the procedure with UCA and the documents and files that need to be presented to the UCA for Accreditation.
  • finalizing the UCA® accreditation request
  • the specification and inspection of the test environment
  • the selection of the IED for accreditation
  • the setup of the test plan
  • the creation of the network trace files needed for the accreditation

Conformance pre-test Support
GridClone has experienced IEC 61850 Conformance pre-test engineers that have performed dozens of IEC 61850 Conformance pre-tests for both servers and clients around the globe. 
GridClone’s conformance pre-test support (onsite and/or remote) reduces costly engineering reworks by catching bugs early, reduces the cost of field and engineering operations by preventing interoperability issues, and prepares for lab certifications by providing advance exposure to testing scenarios and methodologies.

GridClone is intensively involved in the standards activities. We have unique capabilities to help our customers take maximum advantage of this standard enabling them to use IEC 61850 in a way that is most complimentary to their other business operations.

For the development of IEC 61850 conformant products GridClone can support the following services:
  • Support in the selection of the MMS stack
  • Support in the software development
  • Support in the development of the PICS
  • Support in the development of the MICS
  • Support in the development of the PIXIT
  • Support in the development of the TICS
  • Support in the development of the ICD file

Organizations are continuously looking for solutions to improve performance and efficiency. Therefore solutions shall focus on short development times and efficient introduction. GridClone understands this and in addition to our of-the-shelf software products we offer custom made software to meet your business requirements.

GridClone provides this custom software development in the field of testing and simulation of IEC 61850 based systems. With your specific requirements in mind we can provide flexible and stable software solutions. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in developing IEC 61850 software tools we can also provide modified versions of our existing products to meet your specific business requirement.

Our solutions add value by leveraging investments with new and enhanced functionality for your software and hardware products. In combination with our customer focused maintenance and support services we protect investments, mitigate risks and leverage existing infrastructures.


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