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Products:SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Client Simulator Edition 1
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SimFlex™ IEC 61850 SCL Checker Edition 1
SimFlex™ IEC 61850 SCL Checker Edition 2
SimFlex™ IEC 61850 Protocol Analyzer
SimFlex™ IEC 61850 HMI Simulator

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IEC 61850/MMS Product Implementation Support

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GridClone, a Dutch company, was founded with the objective to provide high quality and flexible IEC 61850 based substation automation and power system test tools and simulators.

With the introduction of IEC 61850 advanced testing tools will be needed by utilities, system integrators and manufacturers of power system equipment in order to verify the functionality of the integrated system and its components.

GridClone has professionals that have gained many years of experience in the power system domain, conformance testing of IEC 61850 devices and systems and development of IEC 61850 software test tools. This makes our company the best choice for your next generation of IEC 61850 substation automation and power system simulators.

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