SimFlex Trial Versions:

GridClone can provide you a time limited Trial version of the following SimFlexTM tools:
  • SimFlexTM IEC 61850 Client Simulator ed. 1
  • SimFlexTMIEC 61850 Client Simulator ed. 2
  • SimFlexTMIEC 61850 SCL Checker ed. 1
  • SimFlexTMIEC 61850 SCL Checker ed. 2
  • SimFlexTMIEC 61850 Protocol Analyzer
  • SimFlexTMIEC 61850 HMI Simulator
  • SimFlexTM IEC 61850 Server Simulator
Click HERE to request a trial version.

SimFlex Product Folders:
Here you can download our product folders in PDF format.
User Manuals and Getting started:
The following User Manuals and Getting Started are all available to be downloaded free of charge.

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